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Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Small Deck Space

Furniture Ideas to Maximize Your Small Deck Space

These useful tips and tricks will help you make the most out of your compact deck space so that you can create an inviting oasis.

With the help of fire pits and outdoor heaters, people are using their outdoor space for longer stretches of time. That means more outdoor entertaining, where comfortable seating for guests is a must. If you have a small deck, ample seating might be a big concern for you. But don’t worry, there are easy furniture styles, layouts and materials that will help make the most of the space you have.

Traffic flow is key to effective outdoor space, and how you arrange your deck furniture can either help or hinder it. Key goals for your furniture layout should be comfort and to encourage conversation. You also want furniture that can stand up to the elements. With a few smart furniture tricks, even narrow decks can become effective areas for entertaining guests.

Furniture Arranging

Function. That’s what you want out of your small deck furniture arrangement. Too much furniture will overwhelm the space, while not enough can create a sparse appearance that feels uninviting. Symmetrical seating is one option to keep your small deck comfy. For instance, position an outdoor sofa in the middle, then add matching chairs on either side. Simple and effective, this outdoor furniture layout seats guests right across from each other and encourages conversation. Just be sure to leave ample floor space for traffic flow so your guests won’t be tripping over anything as they come and go.

Storage Solutions

A slender console table can be made into a small deck entertainment hub. Maximize space by placing it across from your seating area. Drinkware can go on the shelves, while big bottles can be stashed on the bottom. Add an ice bucket so your guests won’t have to trek into the house for drinks and snacks. Not entertaining? Put the petite storage unit to work as a potting bench instead, using the shelves to hold planters and small garden tools.

Narrow Decks

If you are hurting for space on a narrow deck, try centering two small-scale chairs around a petite side table. The table becomes the focal point, while the chairs balance the compact space. Use narrow furniture designs that feature slim legs, like bistro chairs.

For decks that are really small, consider keeping your furniture off the ground. Furniture that hangs, like egg chairs and swings, are perfect for a quiet spot to read or relax — and they don’t take up any floor room. Without bulky furnishings taking up valuable square footage, hanging furniture actually creates the illusion of a larger space.

Outdoor Fabrics

After you’ve decided on the perfect type of small deck furniture for your space, the next decision is the type of fabric to use. Look for waterproof or water-resistant fabrics when you shop for pillows and cushions. While water-resistant fabrics will repel water, waterproof ones will provide a definite water barrier. Choose waterproof fabrics if your deck space is completely open to the elements. Water-resistant varieties work well for covered decks or climates that see little precipitation.

Once you’ve decided on waterproof vs. water-resistant fabric, you have several materials to choose from. Polyester, acrylic, and vinyl fabrics all have their good and bad points. For example, printed polyester and acrylic fabrics are less expensive but their colors tend to fade faster. Vinyl fabrics are also quite affordable and are often coated in a color, but their uses are limited. The last choice is acrylic fabrics that are solution dyed. They tend to be more vibrant in color, but are more costly and not waterproof.

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